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1-day expiring badge front Box of 1,000 (T2020)

1-day expiring badge front Box of 1,000 (T2020)

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Part number: T2020

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    • Inkjet printable blank badges
    • Expiration indicators appear in approximately 12 - 14 hours
    • Size: 1 15/16" x 2 13/16"
    • 4 Rolls of 250
    • Must be used with badge back, sold separately
    • Part Number: T2020
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1-day expiring badge front (inkjet printable, roll of labels) Box of 1,000 (T2020)

This roll of expiring badges is for use with the Primera LX500 inkjet printer. Standard inkjet printers will not be able to handle the roll format of these badges. The Primera LX500 can be used to print a visitor's name or your organization's logo. Each badge front expires in a day, approximately 12-14 hours. Please note that this badge front requires a compatible badge back for use; it isn't a standalone solution. The dimensions of this badge front are 1-15/16" x 2-13/16".

Controlling your visitor management is very important in today's world. You need to know the people who enter your building should be there and what areas they are authorized access. Visitor management is crucial to completing a secure work, study or recreation environment. Log-in visitor books no longer provide satisfactory visitor monitoring or lobby security. The professional solution is software that captures every visitor, records pertinent data and issues visitor ID badges for easy recognition. You have a choice of photo IDs or self-expiring temporary badges.