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569946-002 Entrust (Datacard) Adhesive Cleaning Sleeves (5-Pack)

569946-002 Entrust (Datacard) Adhesive Cleaning Sleeves (5-Pack)

$17.15 ea. $17.15 ea.

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  • Part number: 569946-002
  • Includes 5 cleaning sleeves/rollers
  • Cleaning roller kit compatible with Entrust CE875, CR825 and CR805 Retransfer Card Printers.
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Regular use of the 569946-002 Entrust Datacard cleaning sleeves is vital for maintaining top-notch print quality and extending the lifespan of your Entrust Datacard ID card printer. These specialized sleeves effectively eliminate dust and minute particles from ID cards prior to printing, safeguarding the printhead and other essential components from potential damage. Furthermore, the removal of these tiny particles significantly enhances the clarity and quality of the printed card images.

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