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B-REEL Badge Reel with Saw-toothed Swivel-clip (P/N 2120-780X)

B-REEL Badge Reel with Saw-toothed Swivel-clip (P/N 2120-780X)

$2.19 ea. $2.19 ea.

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Color: Black
Part number: 2120-7801
Metallic Blue
Metallic Gray

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  • Part number: 2120-7801
  • Heavy Duty Badge Reel with 28" Retractable Cord Length
  • Square Design
  • Clear Vinyl Strap
  • Super Strong Rotating Alligator Clip
  • Label Size: 1.20" x 1.00" (30mm x 25mm)
  • Part Numbers: 2120-7801 Black, 2120-7802 Metallic Blue, 2120-7808 White, 2120-7811 Water Melon
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B-REEL Badge Reel with Saw-toothed Swivel-clip (P/N 2120-780X)

The new B-Reel has many of the top features all into one design. The super strong saw-toothed swivel clip securely attaches to any piece of clothing, including scrubs. The no twist design keeps your bade always facing forward. The swivel design and innovative retractor design reduces wear on the cord, significantly increasing the life of the badge reel.

Designed in a sleek square shape, this badge reel boasts a modern and professional appearance. Its minimalist design harmonizes well with various work environments, making it an ideal choice for corporate settings, conferences, trade shows, and beyond. The durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, even in demanding situations.

Black is the only color with no minimum order


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