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Black EK Breakaway Lanyard with Detachable ID Hook And Key Ring (10230) by EK USA

Black EK Breakaway Lanyard with Detachable ID Hook And Key Ring (10230) by EK USA

$15.49 ea. $15.49 ea.

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  • Part number: 10230-Black
  • Lanyard With a Key Ring and Hook
  • Keep your handy items around your chest
  • Rugged 100% Nylon Rope
  • Black Color
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Black Lanyard with Key Ring and Hook, (10230) by EK USA

This black lanyard features two detachable parts, a keyring and hook, making for a handy item for active people who are looking for a convenient way to fetch their keys and tools by keeping them securely hanging from their necks around their chest area for easy access. This trusted black lanyard is 5mm thick cord and consists of 19” (482mm) of rugged 100% nylon rope material. Because the keyring and plastic hook are both detachable, if you want to buckle them off the lanyard at any time its virtually effortless and when you are done with your task you can simply snap it right back onto the lanyard. This breakaway lanyard was designed with safety in mind, and if you were to become choked at any time while wearing this 10230 it features a rubber connection which will snap apart in order to prevent serious injury.

To use this trusty black lanyard with a ring and hook simply slide the lanyard around your neck and then you can slide your keys or any other tools through the keyring and the hook and it’ll be ready to go. This lanyard comes with an adjustable clinch so you can increase or decrease the strength of the loop when wearing your lanyard. If you’d like to see our lanyard in action check out our video demonstration below.


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