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Breakaway Lanyard with Round Slider And Detachable Key Ring 2135-461X

Breakaway Lanyard with Round Slider And Detachable Key Ring 2135-461X

$1.55 ea. $1.55 ea.

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Color: Black
Part number: 2135-4613
Royal Blue
Navy Blue

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  • Part number: 2135-4613
  • 1/4" (6 Mm) Round Lanyard
  • Safety Breakaway
  • Round Slider (potential imprint area)
  • Convenient Detachable Split Ring
  • Part Numbers: 2135-4613 Black, 2135-4614 Royal Blue, 2135-4615 Navy Blue, 2135-4616 Red,
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Breakaway Lanyard With Round Slider And Detachable Split Ring 2135-461X

Round (1/4"), durable and soft lanyard to wear comfortably around your neck with safety breakaway feature to prevent choking if lanyard gets pulled or stuck. Great length of 36" with a round slider to adjust to a collar or chest fit. A detachable split ring allows for a quick separation of attached items to use before re-attaching back to the lanyard.

Split ring is great for carrying everyday necessary items such as keys, badge holder for photo ID/Smart Card, USB flash drives and other smaller tools. Round slider would be a great promo/advertising opportunity for 3/4" imprint space to have logo/brand showing. Variety of colors to choose from: Black, Royal Blue, Navy Blue and Red.



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