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Charlie Foxtrot Camouflage Breakaway Military Lanyard

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  • 1" Wide Camouflage Lanyard
  • Pre-printed "Charlie Foxtrot"
  • 36" total circumference, perfect for hanging your ID center torso.
  • Breakaway Safety Feature
Charlie Foxtrot Camouflage Breakaway Military Lanyard

The Charlie Foxtrot camouflage lanyard features a 1" dye-sub printed camo imprint lanyard with a breakaway feature and swivel hook. The words "Charlie Foxtrot" are printed in large bold lettering.  All proceeds from the sales of this lanyard go to support the "Arma-Wargames" gaming community. 

About Charlie Foxtrot and Arma War Games:
After almost seven years of online military simulation gaming, the Charlie Foxtrot community finally ran out of steam.  In its place is now  Every week, using the Arma2 game engine, a full scale simulated battle takes place between the two armies in real time online.  

The campaign is free and open to the public to join.  Each campaign uses Bohemia Interactive Studios; military sim, ARMA2, to launch the largest virtual war campaigns, where every Sunday, two armies battle for victory; team work and leadership are key. 

Visit Arma War Games online to join in on the fun.

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Charlie Foxtrot Camouflage Breakaway Military Lanyard