Custom Mini Gripper Card Clamp for 30 Mil Size  Slot Less ID Cards Customizable Gripper 30 mil Card Clamp with Slot Hole Punch White Black & White Gripper 30 Card Clamp (P/N 5710-3050 & 5710-3058) 5710-3058 Custom Card Gripper Clamps for 30 mil Size ID Cards - Slot Hole Ready for Attaching to Lanyard or Vinyl Strap Clip Black Black & White Gripper 30 Card Clamp (P/N 5710-3050 & 5710-3058) 5710-3050 Black Custom Gripper Card Clamp White Custom Gripper Card Clamp

Black & White Custom Gripper 30 Card Clamp (5710-305X)

Black & White Custom Gripper 30 Card Clamp (5710-305X)

$2.54 ea. Sold in Packs of 100

Usually ships in 10 - 14 business days
Part number: 5710-3050-Custom

Color: Black


  • Customizable Design Template for Easily Adding Your Logo
  • Please Note, the Preview does not have to be Perfect! A Real Human will Review and Provide a Digital Proof upon Request
  • Full Color Digital Printing Directly on the Badge Holder
  • Card Gripper 30 Mil Card Clamp
  • Snug, Secure Grip Holds Tight to Your ID Card
  • Great for Access Cards that are Partially Inserted into Card Reader, Such as Hotel Room Key Cards
  • Eliminates the Need for a Card Punch, Vinyl Strap or Lanyard Hook Slips into Gripper Slot
  • Part Numbers: 5710-3050 Black, 5710-3058 White
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Customize your gripper card clamp that can hold up to a 30 mil card size. Add your color logo or graphic to promote brand awareness and display company unity to this practical, little gripping ID card accessory for your slotless ID badge and access cards.

Use our easy design template to add your company logo, name or design graphic.  Utilize the space within the dotted lines provided to place your custom logo for display when attached to your lanyard, badge reel, or strap clip holder.  

Minimum Quantity of 100 and NO Setup Fees! 

Additional items in alternative photos are sold separately.