• A customizable, professional Custom Printed Event Badges With Two Slot Holes - Design It Your Way! with a green and white background features placeholder text for "Your Text Here" at the top, "Your Logo Here" in the center, and "Customize Me" at the bottom. These durable badges are perfect for any event.
  • A person wearing a gray sweater and a Custom Printed Event Badges With Two Slot Holes - Design It Your Way! is standing indoors at an event or conference. The background features bright lights and blurred stalls or booths, highlighting the energy of the gathering.
  • Illustration of a blank rectangular clipboard with two black clips at the top, perfect for displaying Custom Printed Event Badges With Two Slot Holes - Design It Your Way!
  • A Custom Printed Event Badges With Two Slot Holes - Design It Your Way! for a fashion show with a gradient blue background, the words "FASHION SHOW" in gold, and "PRESS" in large blue letters below a star-shaped light decoration.
  • A colorful festival media pass with "LIVE MUSIC ROCK Mosaic Music Fest" written on it, attached to a vibrant lanyard, showcases Custom Printed Event Badges With Two Slot Holes - Design It Your Way! for ultimate durability.
  • Red poster for a Jazz Festival on June 8-15 with piano keys on the left. "All Access" is prominently displayed, featuring Custom Printed Event Badges With Two Slot Holes - Design It Your Way!. List of performers includes Dolor Amet, Nulla Hendrerit, Commodo Fringilla, and others.
  • A woman with long brown hair, wearing a white blouse and a custom laminated badge labeled "Sports Con," stands with arms crossed in a well-lit indoor setting, sporting Custom Printed Event Badges With Two Slot Holes - Design It Your Way!

Custom Printed Event Badges With Two Slot Holes - Design It Your Way!

Custom Printed Event Badges With Two Slot Holes - Design It Your Way!

$3.89 ea. $3.89 ea.

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  • Part number: CustomEventBadge3X5-DS
  • Custom Design Size: 3" x 5" with Two Slot Holes
  • Made of Durable Laminated Synthetic Substrate 30mil thick
  • Two Slot Punches for Double Ended Lanyard Attachment
  • Show Off Your Full Color Design on Your Event Badge
  • Perfect for Meetings, Conferences and Concerts
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Our 3x5" custom laminated badges are crafted for exceptional durability and a sleek, professional look. Encased in a sturdy 10mil laminate both above and beneath, and built around a top-quality 10mil synthetic substrate, they're engineered to endure daily handling while retaining an upscale appearance. Equipped with two slot holes for versatile attachment, these badges feature a precision flush die-cut edge, offering a clean and refined outline. Ideal for a wide range of applications, from corporate settings and special events to VIP access, these badges combine robust construction with aesthetic appeal, ensuring they meet the highest standards of sophistication and durability.

Step 1. Design Online or Contact our Design Team Directly

Use our online designer, or contact us directly to start working on your design.

Step 2. Approve of Designs 

If your order only has one design or two with no variable data, send your info and design to , and we handle the rest. We will make a mockup proof for you to review. Once the mockup proof is approved, we will start production right away. 

If your order contains variable data, please see below “How to Prepare & Submit Files for Variable-Data Printing” for the submission guidelines.

What is Variable data?

Variable data printing means any badge data and imaging that is different from card to card, such as barcodes, member names, PIN numbers, account numbers, member photos, and any other information printed that is different for each badge.

Step 3. Your Custom Products Shipped Out to You

Fast turnover times, after proof approval, your final custom badges will be shipped out to you within 5 business days or less. 

How to Prepare & Submit Files for Variable-Data Printing 

Job files and data: Please provide electronic copies of your data and the form on which it will be printed as early in the process as possible. The sooner we receive your data and forms, the more likely we can meet your printing due date. For example, when submitting names and photos for each person ID cards, the spreadsheet information needs to keep the same format for each record. A column with the person’s first name, a column with the person’s last name. If your design includes a variable image, please indicate the image’s file name for each record, and avoid using spaces. For example, use the underscore character to separate the first and last name of an ID picture file name.

See below as an example:

A corporate identification spreadsheet with three columns labeled "FirstName," "LastName," and "Image File." Row 2 contains "John," "Doe," and "John_Doe.jpg." Row 3 contains "Cindy," "Smith," and "Cindy_Smith.jpg." Ideal for creating Custom Printed 3x5" Event Badges with Single Slot Punch.

Variable Images

  • Get the data and the filename of the image matching up exactly.

  • Each image for a particular field needs to be the same file type. For example, If one image file is JPEG, use that file type only. Avoid having mix file images types like TIFF, and PNG within the spreadsheet. Please use the JPEG file format. 

  • If you are printing variable ID photos, or any other variable images, you should make sure that each photo crop is 100% IDENTICAL in size both in height and width.

Data formats

 Excel is our preferred database when it comes to spreadsheets. No Gsheets or Airtable.

Data Submission

We accept data via email or Dropbox. 

Deadline for Submission 

Deadline for submission is 10 business days prior to the delivery date you need. Production lead time is typically 5 business days or less after our mock-up proof has been approved by you, and final Variable Data files. This includes:

  • A data file with all the records to be printed, and in the right format

  • All image files (for variable images) 

  • Fonts used

  • Design images are embedded in the template

Accuracy of Data

Customers are responsible for the accuracy and proper formatting of the data, we will not manipulate/correct/fix any part of the data. In case an issue is detected, it is the customer’s responsibility to fix the data and submit the corrected file. Variations in data formats can result in significant differences during output, delaying completion of the project.

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