Image of a hospital ID badge for A Custom Silk Screen Breakaway 5/8 A blue lanyard with

Custom Silk Screen Breakaway 5/8" Lanyard With Custom Badge Reel Combo

Custom Silk Screen Breakaway 5/8" Lanyard With Custom Badge Reel Combo

$4.99 ea. $4.99 ea.
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  • Part number: CustomLanyardReelCombo
  • Please note, the preview does not have to be perfect! A real human will review and provide a digital proof upon request
  • Custom lanyards take 10 - 14 business days to ship out after final artwork approval
  • Customize your lanyard with text
  • Full Color Custom Dome Label for a Very Professional Look
  • Reel Diameter 1 1/4"
  • Width: 5/8" (16 Mm)
  • Length: 36" before assembly (Will hang in the center slightly above or near the belly button)
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The Custom Breakaway Lanyard with Custom Badge Reel Combo is a versatile and practical solution for adding personalization with your company logo / name brand while displaying identification cards, access cards, or badges in a professional and secure manner for employees, staff, students, clients and more. It combines the functionality of a breakaway lanyard and a retractable badge reel into one convenient and customizable package.

The lanyard portion of the combo is made from high-quality, durable material that is comfortable to wear around the neck. It is available in various colors, allowing for customization to match your brand or organizational aesthetics. The lanyard features a breakaway safety feature, which ensures the wearer's safety by easily detaching from the neck in case of accidental pulling or tugging. This feature helps prevent accidents and injuries while maintaining the integrity of the lanyard.

The badge reel component is attached to the lanyard and serves as a retractable holder for your ID cards or badges. The reel mechanism allows for easy extension and retraction of the card, providing quick access when needed. It eliminates the hassle of removing the card from a traditional lanyard or a pocket, making it ideal for frequent card usage or scanning. 

Minimum Quantity of 100 and NO Setup Fees!

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