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Evolis S10000 Replacement Printhead for the Pebble4 Card Printer

Evolis S10000 Replacement Printhead for the Pebble4 Card Printer

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  • Part number: S10000
  • Compatible with the Evolis Pebble 4, Dualys 3, Quantum 2, and Securion ID Card Printers.
  • Designed for easy installation, allowing users to quickly replace the printhead and maintain optimal printer performance.
  • Helps eliminate common print issues such as streaks or "Blown Pixels" on printed ID cards, enhancing print quality and consistency.
  • Regular maintenance, including printhead replacement and cleaning, extends the operational lifespan and reliability of your printer.
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Evolis S10000 Replacement Printhead for the Pebble4 Card Printer

If your Pebble4 is printing white lines across the entire surface of ID cards, you may have what is called a "Blown Pixel." Usually, the only way to fix this is by replacing your printhead. If your printer is not currently under warranty, ordering and replacing the print head can be done easily in the field with the Evolis easy push and replace design. By pushing the spring loaded black part above the print head, the printhead becomes detached and can easily slide out of the chassis. Disconnect the wire harness and remove the print head. Do the opposite to re-install.

After the new print head is installed, you need to send the Printhead kit number to the printer. To do this, load the pebble print driver and select "Preferences...". Choose the "Tools" menu tab and under "Printer Command" enter the following into the text box (leave out the quotes and replace with your printhead kit number shown in the alternate photo above). This command is case sensitive so it must be entered exactly as shown. After you send this command you have to run a cleaning card through the printer so have your cleaning kit ready. After the cleaning kit completes you are back in business.

To ensure the life of your printhead, please remember to clean your printer at the required increments. To get into the habit of cleaning and protecting your investment, we recommend running the cleaning cycle every time you replace the ribbon.

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