• A Fully Customizable Badge Buddy Horizontal - (Standard Size) displaying pediatric vital signs including heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration ranges for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, school-aged children, and adolescents. Personalize name titles with a placeholder for custom text from Specialist ID.
  • Two ID badges are displayed with rulers showing dimensions. One is an XL Custom Printed Badge Buddy labeled "Receiving" for Cindy Smith, and the Fully Customizable Badge Buddy Horizontal - (Standard Size) is labeled "Operations" for Rafael Smith from Specialist ID.
  • A reference chart showing pediatric vital signs for different age groups, including heart rate, BP/Systolic, and respirations. It features a disclaimer about accuracy and usage. "Fully Customizable Badge Buddy Horizontal - (Standard Size)" is custom printed at the bottom of this handy badge buddy.
  • A Fully Customizable Badge Buddy Horizontal - (Standard Size) with a white top section and a blue bottom section labeled "YOUR TEXT HERE" allows you to personalize name titles effortlessly. Proudly offered by Specialist ID, it ensures your identification needs are met with style and accuracy.

Fully Customizable Badge Buddy Horizontal - (Standard Size)

Fully Customizable Badge Buddy Horizontal - (Standard Size)

$3.13 ea. $3.13 ea.

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Sorry we only have 100000 currently available. Please adjust the quantity or contact us to check lead times for larger orders.


  • Part number: BB-CUSTOM-H
  • Minimum of 24
  • Size: 3 3/8 Wide x 3 1/8 Tall
  • Customize Color Options
  • Two Lines of Text Available
  • Printed on Both Sides
  • Instant Role Recognition
  • Hangs Behind Your Horizontal ID Badge Holder
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Please make sure the "Standard Horizontal Custom Printed Badge Buddy" is the right fit for your needs:

Two ID badges are shown. The left badge, featuring a woman's photo and text: “Cindy Smith, Receiving,” is displayed with an XL Custom Badge Buddy underneath for role recognition. The right badge displays a man's photo and text: "Rafael Smith, Operations," paired with a Fully Customizable Badge Buddy Horizontal - (Standard Size) beneath. Two rulers are on either side.

 Ordering Custom Printed Badge Buddies is easy. Just follow these 2 quick steps:

1) Customize color.

2) Add one or two lines of text.

10-14 business days lead time for custom badge buddy production. If you need more custom styles, just repeat this process for as many custom styles as you need. (See instructions below for options in using our design box)

Custom badge buddies are a great way to personalize name titles and help easily identify key personnel within your hospital, school, business or other professional setting, where accurate identification is important to your staff and customers. Let Specialist ID custom manufacture your badge buddies to meet your exact needs.

Badge buddies are worn underneath your existing ID and provide instant role recognition. Our oversized badge buddies are compatible with badge holders or slot hole punched sleeves that carry all standard (credit card size) ID badges. Ideally for name badges that do not have a slot punch hole. Both sides of the card are printed, so your text will be visible, even if the ID is flipped around.

Our badge buddy's are fully laminated and come pre slot punched, so they are ready to put to use immediately. Simply unsnap your existing ID from the strap clip and slip it through the badge buddy and your existing ID, and you'll be all set.

Instructions for your design box customization:

For our standard color border with white outline -  Click top right corner within color border display and select paint bucket with color choice. Trash can option appears on left to remove color border all together for a white surface with just your added text.  Full bleed border allows for full color bottom option by clicking right-hand side of badge border edge. Click the middle of the white badge to choose the paint bucket for a complete full bleed color badge. 

*Optional to remove our SPID branding watermark by clicking over it and selecting the trash can delete button. 


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