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Heavy Duty Breakaway Round Lanyard With Detachable Key Ring (2135-454X)

Heavy Duty Breakaway Round Lanyard With Detachable Key Ring (2135-454X)

$1.53 ea. $1.53 ea.

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Color: Black
Part number: 2135-4541
Navy Blue

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  • Part number: 2135-4541
  • 1/4" (6 Mm)
  • Round Lanyard
  • 36" Total Circumference, Perfect Size For Displaying Credentials.
  • Detachable Key Ring For Attaching to ID Badges and More.
  • Breakaway
  • Part Numbers: 2135-4541 Black, 2135-4542 Royal Blue
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Heavy Duty Breakaway Round Lanyard With Detachable Key Ring (2135-454X)

This heavy-duty breakaway round lanyard with a detachable key ring is great for carrying keys, key fob, ID's, badge holders, and more. It comes with an adjustable diamond slider and a detachable split ring that lets you unbuckle your small items from your lanyard. Breakaway lanyard will snap apart if snagged or snared for safety purposes, but can then easily be put back together afterward.

Simply attach your items to the key ring and then place the lanyard around your head, book bag strap, or purse. If you want to remove your things fast, just unbuckle it from your lanyard and then buckle it back on afterward. Choose from black, navy blue or red to compliment your attire in any professional environment. The round lanyard feels smooth on your skin and provides a nice grip on clothing.


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