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MRI Safe - No Metal Mask Lanyard with 2 Slim Plastic Clips - Open Ended Badge & Facemask Holder (2140-540X)

MRI Safe - No Metal Mask Lanyard with 2 Slim Plastic Clips - Open Ended Badge & Facemask Holder (2140-540X)

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Color: Black
Part number: 2140-5401
Royal Blue
Navy Blue

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  • Part number: 2140-5401
  • Dual-Purpose Design: Ideal for securely holding face masks or displaying larger event badge credentials with its open-ended, double-sided plastic snap clip closure.
  • Comfortable and Lightweight: Features a 3/8" neck lanyard that is both comfortable and lightweight, making it perfect for extended wear.
  • Sleek and Noise-Free: Modern design without the clunky sound of metal, suitable for professional environments like healthcare and conferences.
  • MRI and Metal Detector Friendly: Completely metal-free, making it safe for use in MRI environments and hassle-free at metal detectors.
  • Color Options Available: Comes in various colors - Black (2140-5401), Royal Blue (2140-5402), Navy Blue (2140-5403), and Red (2140-5406).
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Open ended lanyards are perfect for face mask wearing and for displaying
larger badge credentials.

Secure your face mask loop bands or vinyl badge holder with the double sided plastic
snap clip closure and comfortable, lightweight 3/8" neck lanyard that holds and displays your handy face mask or important credentials.

This sleek design lanyard has a modern look without the jangle of clunky metal sounds. Practical for healthcare workers, particularly Radiologists and Technicians who work in radiology imaging and diagnostic testing facilities and Labs since the clips are plastic and do not contain any metal parts. Also great for special events, conferences, airports or other locations that may have metal detectors.

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