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Ball Chain Keychains with Connector Clasp - 4 Inch Small Metal Ball Link Chain (2.3mm Bead Size) for DIY Tags, Crafts, Jewelry, Charms, Ornaments, Keychains and More (P/N 2450-1050)

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Part number: 2450-1050

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  • Nickel-Plated Steel Ball Chain, 4", No. 3 Bead Size
  • Keychain Connectors for Tags, Labels, Charms, Crafts, Ornaments, Keys
  • P/N 2450-1050 or NC-4

Nickel-Plated Steel Ball Chain, 4", No. 3 Bead Size (101.5Mm) (2.3Mm Bead), With Connector Clasp (P/N 2450-1050)

Nickel-plated steel ball bead chain for all your office, craft and home projects. 4 inch ball link chains make the perfect keychain accessories from hanging tags, charms, small tools, jewelry, spare keys, mini ornaments, bottle caps and more. Attach to luggage, bag, purse handles, machine equipment, workshop racks and more. Cut links to size smaller or connect 2 chains to make longer. 

This product can also be substituted with JAM part number NC-4 which is the same item