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Retractable Badge Reel with Top Slot Lanyard Attachment (P/N 2120-7501)

Retractable Badge Reel with Top Slot Lanyard Attachment (P/N 2120-7501)

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  • Part number: 2120-7501
  • Retractable Black Badge Reel with Lanyard Top Slot Attachment
  • Clear Vinyl Strap
  • Reel Diameter 1-1/4" (32Mm)
  • Cord Length 34" (864Mm)
  • Rated For 100,000 Pulls
  • Part Number: 2120-7501 Black
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This retractable badge reel has an open slot, flex hook that can easily attach to your lanyard for an extended reach.  Best used with metal swivel hook, vinyl strap clip, or neck chain attachments. Rated for up to 100,000 pulls under normal usage, this retractable reel should last a long time!

Use the vinyl strap clip to easily attach to your ID card, badge buddy, or badge holder. Extend your credentials as far as 34 inches in any direction with the smooth pulling retractable cord. Great for men, women, tall or small! Less bending for scan, swipe, or tap access for entryways, computer terminal access, or clock in or out.

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