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IDP SMART-81L Laminator Option for SMART-81 Printers (P/N 653635)

IDP SMART-81L Laminator Option for SMART-81 Printers (P/N 653635)

$3,190.00 ea. $3,190.00 ea.

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  • Part number: 653635
  • Instant Direct Heating Mechanism: This advanced feature allows immediate use of the laminator, negating any warm-up time and accelerating the card production process.
  • High-Speed Laminating: With an impressive rate of up to 180 single-sided cards per hour, the SMART-81L promises rapid and efficient operation.
  • Flexible Laminate Application: Compatible with both 0.6 and 1.0-mil laminate, the SMART-81L caters to varying levels of card protection requirements.
  • User-friendly Film Cartridge: Designed with a drawer-type film cartridge, the laminator facilitates effortless replacement, enhancing operational convenience.
  • LED Indicator: The integrated LED indicator provides real-time status updates, ensuring optimal laminator performance.​
  • Advanced Locking Mechanism: The SMART-81L ensures enhanced security with a dedicated physical lock for the laminating film and a Kensington lock for the device itself, providing comprehensive protection against unauthorized access and tampering.
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The IDP SMART-81L Laminator is a remarkable addition to your card security system, designed to work seamlessly with the SMART-81 Retransfer ID Card Printer. By applying a protective overlay, it significantly enhances the longevity and tamper-resistance of your ID and smart cards.

Boasting an output of up to 180 single-sided cards per hour (20s per card), the SMART-81L's productivity is further enhanced by its instant direct heating mechanism. This feature eliminates any unnecessary warm-up time, delivering faster and more efficient card production.

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