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Thermal-printable TIMEbadge Frontpart One-day Expiration (P/N T6151)

Thermal-printable TIMEbadge Frontpart One-day Expiration (P/N T6151)

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Part number: T6151

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    • Thermal-printable
    • One-day Expiration
    • Badge front requires a compatible badge back for expiration
    • Size: 1.935" x 2.8125"
    • 4 Rolls of 250
    • Compatible printers: Godex DT4, TEMPbadge BP4
    • Part Number: T6151 (Replacement for 06151)
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Thermal-printable TIMEbadge Frontpart One-day Expiration (Front part only, back part required and sold separately)


Our "blank" thermal printable frontpart one day expiration badges print with any direct thermal printer. Size = 1.935" x 2.8125" . Sold in packs of 1000. Enough blank space to have any customized layout with text or logo printed for identification purposes.


The front part is a peel off sticker which easily peels apart to attach to any of our timebadge one-day backparts ( Sold Separately). Once peeled off and attached to a backpart, the activation process begins and the badge will last a full day (approximately 8-10 hours) before showing expiration by red diagonal lines appearing through the frontpart.


Compatible Backpart options:


T6032 Adhesive Backpart

T590X Clip-on Backpart with pre-printed, color header

T59XX Clip-on Backpart with color header