• Five Vertical Custom Hospital ID Badge Toppers with different designs and colors, displaying various information including name, phone number, medical notes, working title, vaccination status, and a custom text option. Each tag acts like a customizable badge attachment for your pet's unique needs.
  • A Vertical Custom Hospital ID Badge Topper shows "Flu & COVID shot," a photo of a person, the name "Jane Doe," the title "Nurse Assistant," and the initials "NA." Measuring 2 3/8”x 1 5/16”, this vertical ID badge topper adds professionalism and clarity to your healthcare identification.
  • Diagram of a vertical custom hospital ID badge topper with dimensions: 2 3/8 inches wide and 1 5/16 inches high, featuring a horizontal slot in the upper center portion, perfect for use as a customizable badge attachment.

Vertical Custom Hospital ID Badge Topper

Vertical Custom Hospital ID Badge Topper

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  • Part number: BadgeToppers
  • Size: 2 3/8"x 1 5/16"
  • Wear under your photo ID badge holder
  • Customizable Blank Badge Topper
  • Print Double-Sided
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Vertical Custom Hospital ID Badge Topper

A vertical ID badge topper is a decorative or functional attachment that is placed on top of a vertical identification badge (or dog tag). It serves various purposes such as branding and identification, indicating position or title, special needs, enhancing security and access control, enabling customization and personalization, and showcasing awards and achievements.  Additionally, when paired with a badge buddy, it can further indicate an individual's role, department, or level of access within an organization. 

With customizable options for hospital logos and names, it promotes unity and identification within the healthcare setting, while helping to visually identify individuals as members of a particular group or company while adding their unique touch of style, personal interest or professional recognition. 

Check out our custom designs library of template options or create your own personalized look using our design template tool. Click the open space to choose your color background and upload your logos and/or text. The included slot hole allows you to loop through your vinyl strap clip badge reel or lanyard. 

Minimum Quantity of 15


Images of Pet TagsHospital Flu/COVID Shot TopperDimensions 2.375" X 1.3125"

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