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Wide 5/8" Lanyard with No Twist Plastic Hook (2138-478X)

Wide 5/8" Lanyard with No Twist Plastic Hook (2138-478X)

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Part number: 2138-4777

Color: White
Royal Blue
Navy Blue
Forest Green

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  • 5/8" (16 Mm)
  • Microweave Polyester
  • Breakaway Lanyard
  • Wide "No-Twist" Plastic Hook
  • Part Numbers: 2138-4777 White, 2138-4778 Yellow, 2138-4779 Orange, 2138-4780 Black, 2138-4781 Royal Blue, 2138-4782 Navy Blue, 2138-4783 Red, 2138-4784 Green, 2138-4785 Purple, 2138-4786 Forest Green, 2138-4787 Teal, 2138-4788 Maroon
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Wide 5/8" Lanyard with No Twist Plastic Hook (2138-478X)

These flat microweave ribbed breakaway lanyards with "No-Twist" wide plastic hook, part numbers 2138-478X, will hang your ID badge around the belly button area for clear visibility and easy access. Our ribbed lanyards are made from a 5/8" wide flat micro-weave polyester material and 36" in total length, offering a comfortable fit for all.

The breakaway feature means the lanyard will snap apart if snagged or snared, yet can snap back together afterwards. The wide "no-twist" plastic hook will keep your slot punched ID or badge holder facing the front. Simply slide them through the slot and they'll be set in place.

These ribbed lanyards come in 12 different colors for you to choose from in the drop down menu; (2138-4777) White, (2138-4778) Yellow, (2138-4779) Orange, (2138-4780) Black, (2138-4781) Royal Blue, (2138-4782) Navy Blue, (2138-4783) Red, (2138-4784) Green, (2138-4785) Purple, (2138-4786) Forest Green, (2138-4787) Teal, (2138-4788) Maroon.