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Witz Waterproof Keep It Clear Sports Cases (008)

Witz Waterproof Keep It Clear Sports Cases (008)

$7.95 ea. $7.95 ea.

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  • Part number: 00811
  • Inner Dimensions 2 1/4" Wide x 4" High x 1" Thick
  • Outer Dimensions: 3 1/2" (Including Buckle Clasp) Wide x 5 3/4" High x 1 1/2" Thick
  • Secure Waterproof Container for Several Small Items
  • Crush Resistant Shell
  • Nylon Lanyard with Breakaway Clip and Carabiner
  • Patented Angle Design
  • Part Numbers: 00802 Translucent Blue, 00811 Clear
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Witz Waterproof Keep It Clear Sports Cases (008)

Witz Waterproof Keep It Clear Sports Cases, part number 008, each come with a carabiner and breakaway lanyard that makes this a great portable storage unit for your IDs, keys, cell phones, cash, and more. These waterproof crush resistant plastic shells will serve you best at beaches, pools, and water parks and other bodies of water.

The translucent plastic makes it easy to find what you're looking for inside. These lightweight sports cases will hang your items comfortably from a nylon breakaway lanyard around the belly button area. The breakaway lanyard provides is a safety feature that allows the lanyard to snap apart if it were to become, caught or snagged on something, and then easily snap back together.

The carabiner is great for attaching to belts, bags, or anything else you can fit around. Our Witz Keep It Clear sports cases comes in Clear (00801).

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