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Extra Large RN BSN Badge Buddy - Oversized Badge Backer for Nurses - Horizontal Hospital ID Badge Buddies

Extra Large RN BSN Badge Buddy - Oversized Badge Backer for Nurses - Horizontal Hospital ID Badge Buddies

$2.88 ea. $2.88 ea.

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Color: Blue
Part number: BB-1XL-RNBSN-BLUE-H
Hot Pink

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  • Part number: BB-1XL-RNBSN-BLUE-H
  • XL Badge Buddies are 1" Longer than Our Standard Badge Buddies
  • Size: 3-3/8" x 4-1/8"
  • Extra Long to Wear with Existing Badge Holder / Sleeve
  • Wear Behind Your Horizontal Photo ID Badge and Badge Holder
  • "PHYSICIAN" in White Text with Color Border
  • Printed on Both Sides
  • Instant Role Recognition for RNs with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from a Distance
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The RN BSN Badge Buddy is an ID badge backer, specifically designed for Registered Nurses who have earned their Bachelor of Science in Nursing. This badge buddy serves a dual purpose: it recognizes the advanced educational achievements of nurses and assists patients and colleagues in identifying their level of education and expertise. The badge is printed on both sides, featuring the "RN BSN" title prominently, and is highlighted with a color border that distinguishes these professionals in any healthcare setting. Durable and practical, it is flexible enough to avoid breakage under the stress of daily nursing activities and has an easy-to-wipe-clean surface, adhering to the stringent hygiene standards in medical environments. The badge buddy includes a slot punch hole, making it simple to attach to a badge reel or strap clip and is intended to be worn behind the standard horizontal ID badge. This durable, laminated accessory is not just a badge of honor for the nurses; it's a beacon of trust and assurance for patients, ensuring they are aware of the level of expertise and care available to them. By clearly identifying RNs with a BSN degree, it fosters a more informed and respectful environment for both healthcare providers and recipients.

Our oversized "RN BSN" hospital ID badge buddy is 1" inch longer than our standard size badge buddies. Ideal to be worn beneath any horizontal standard (credit card sized) Healthcare ID badge that is worn inside a badge holder. Typically, for badges that do not have a slot punched hole.

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