8 Stylish Breakaway Lanyards

8 Stylish Breakaway Lanyards

When it comes to wearing personal identification, lanyards are often the most convenient holders. Like a necklace, they hang around the chest placing an ID badge in plain sight while also keeping it close at hand for the owner. 

At the same time, having an easy way to remove a lanyard is just as critical and sometimes pulling it over the head isn’t the most efficient option. If you’re a person with long hair or an individual who works in an industry that requires things like safety noise cancelers, a helmet or other headgear, removing a lanyard can be a tricky affair.

Not so with breakaway lanyards, however. These sophisticated devices were designed to easily snap apart making the lanyard easy to remove at a moment’s notice. As both a convenience and safety feature, breakaway lanyards are the ideal option for anyone who must keep an ID badge on their person at all times. But where can you find one that isn’t just another blah utilitarian tool? 

Here are a few of our most stylish breakaway lanyards.

Breakaway Lanyard With Detachable Swivel Lobster Claw

As if having a convenient breakaway latch on the back of a lanyard weren’t great enough, this Specialist ID lanyard detaches at the neck of the lanyard allowing a wearer to quickly swipe an ID or flash it to a security guard. The thick fabric makes for comfortable wearing and with an option of multiple colors, you can style it to match a uniform. 

Heavy Duty Breakaway Round Lanyard With Detachable Bulldog Clip

Some people who wear lanyards carry more than just their ID badges on the. Keys, wallet, even charms are just a few of the items you might want to attach. For extra support for this added weight, this Heavy Duty Breakaway Round Lanyard with Detachable Bulldog is the right choice. The rugged design lets you sport all of your lanyard accoutrements while ensuring that none of it goes flying off. Plus, should your lanyard get tangled up in something, you can quickly and efficiently use the breakaway clips to undo the tangle.

Kids Face Mask Lanyard / Hanger with Safety Breakaway Clasp - Short Length for Childrens Face Masks

When it comes to mask accessories, this Kids Face Mask Lanyard featuring a safety breakaway clip is a must-have. For kids returning to the classroom, the need to always have masks on hand is essential to their safety. But since mom and dad can’t be on hand to make sure they’re keeping their masks on or nearby, this lanyard does the job for them. And should a child have an accident or trip and get a mask caught on something, the breakaway clips make sure they won’t get hurt. 

EK Breakaway Lanyard with Detachable Dual Sided RFID Shielded ID Badge Holder

Finding a lanyard that has style and substance is the unicorn of great badge holders. But guess what--we’ve got one! Not only does this lanyard look great with rugged nylon rope, it comes with the peace of mind that your ID will be RFID protected. 

American Flag Breakaway Lanyard with Swivel Hook

God Bless the US of A in your heart and on top of your heart by wearing this patriotic lanyard. With election day just days away, this lanyard spells out your love for America while keeping your ID badge safe and secure. 

Pink Ribbon Awareness Wide Flat Breakaway Lanyard w/ Swivel Hook

With October as Breast Cancer Awareness month, there’s never been a better time to show support for those struggling with this disease. You can donate, volunteer, and now you can even wear a Pink Ribbon Awareness Breakaway lanyard. This one comes in a lovely pink hue and features a white breakaway clip for swift removal. 

Charlie Foxtrot Camouflage Breakaway Military Lanyard

Want to show off your military pride? Buy this stylish camo lanyard that’s printed with the words “Charlie Foxtrot.” Made from a 1 inch lanyard, this handsome piece fits comfortably and won’t let ID badges or keys flop around. Plus, it has a wide breakaway lanyard to make it easy to get on and off.

Chevron Pattern Fashion Lanyard with Key Ring and Trigger Snap Badge Clip

Attention teachers and nurses. Tired of your boring basic black lanyard? Dress up your ID badge with this charming chevron design. It comes in black and blue against white stripes for a perky look to dress up any ensemble. 

 Want even more stylish breakaway lanyard options? Specialist ID has you covered. From lanyards that raise awareness to lanyards that add a pop of color, Specialist ID has dozens of options to choose from with a variety of breakaway clasps, ID fasteners, badge holders, reels, and badge buddies too.

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