5 safety gifts for first responders

5 Accessories That Can Help First Responders Maintain Safety

First responders prioritize safety for those around them and are prepared for as many situations as possible. Dangerous events are often spontaneous, such as heart attacks or weather-based disasters, so it’s important to be prepared. Thus, access to tools and identification can help first responders prepare more quickly for more rapid deployment when needed.

Here are five accessories that can help first responders maintain safety within their department.

Mask Lanyards

Mask lanyards hold your mask around your neck, so you always have it ready. This is convenient for times when you’re on the go and don’t want to misplace your mask. When visiting places where mask-wearing is required, keeping your mask on a lanyard allows you to easily wear it. Using the lanyard is simple as well: the ear loops of the mask can clip onto the ends of the lanyard, which simply hangs around your neck. Without a lanyard, a mask can easily fall to the ground, get dirty from being set down on unknown surfaces or be misplaced. 

Reflective Armband

A reflective armband ID holder is useful for identification cards, especially if you’re worried about lanyards catching on your surroundings. To wear this armband, insert your arm through the loop and adjust it to the best fit; your armband should be tight enough to not slip off, but loose enough to not compress your bicep. Others will be able to see your ID through the window on the armband. The elastic armband flexes and moves with you so there is no risk of it falling.

The reflective vinyl increases visibility, so you can be seen in low-light situations. At night or in dark areas, any light will be reflected off the holder and will alert bystanders in cars or other pedestrians of your presence. In foggy and rainy weather, this armband can also help improve visibility. The bright color stands out in many situations and shows that you are part of a first responder team.

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Reflective “SAFETY FIRST” Lanyard

Another accessory made of reflective material is the “SAFETY FIRST” lanyard. This lanyard is specifically designed to increase visibility. It can be a quick solution for going out at a moment’s notice. Your entire team can wear this lanyard to be easily identifiable as first responders. Having a reflective lanyard is especially helpful in low-light situations, and will not only help pedestrians identify you as a first responder, but will also help your teammates see where you are at, improving your ability to work as a team.

Waterproof Badge Holder

To keep all of your important small documents protected from water and other elements, consider carrying a waterproof card holder. This rigid plastic case can hold cards that are up to 4x3 inches, including business cards, COVID-19 vaccination cards, and even travel documents. You can slip your card into the case to prevent it from getting wet or torn—it's that easy. The case prevents liquids from getting inside and is even crush resistant, should you accidentally drop it.

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Specialist ID has safety accessories that can help any first responder in their day-to-day operations. Explore all the essential items today!

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