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4 Professional Badge Holders for Government Workers

In some instances, our daily tools shouldn’t draw in too much attention—and that can be boring. While it is important to remain professional in the workplace, our equipment doesn’t just have to meet the basic requirements. Here are four professional badge holders for government workers that are above average.

Identity Stronghold Secure Badgeholder Classic
The FIPS 201 approved Identity Stronghold Secure Badge Holder Classic is great for workers who may handle sensitive information. The opaque sleeve provides security by blocking unauthorized readings of RFID chips in cards. This eliminates the risk of identity theft, invasion of privacy, tracking, or even card cloning, so you won’t have to worry about security risks. The Squeeze to Read™ technology allows the card to be read or scanned by squeezing the tabs at the top while the ID badge stays locked in place. You can use your badge even if your hands are full or are wearing gloves. This secure badge holder is available in nine translucent colors.
Identity Stronghold IDSH1004-001B-002 Secure Badgeholder Classic


Magnetic Vertical Double Pocket Badge Holder
To keep your ID badge both visible and secure, the Vertical Double Pocket Magnetic Badge Holder is the product for you. This badge holder has room for one standard credit card-sized ID on each side. To wear, slide one-half of the wallet into your belt loop, shirt pocket, or collar, and the magnetic clamps will keep the wallet and badges out of the way. Also, the magnets on this holder are shielded to avoid any damaging or erasing of the data on your magnetically encoded badges.
Magnetic Vertical Double Pocket Badge Holder (1835-1115) 1835-1115

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EK Black Lanyard with Dual-Sided Smart Card Holder
The EK Black Lanyard with Dual-Sided Smart Card Holder is a professional lanyard and badge holder combo that looks great anywhere. Made of 100% nylon rope, this combo is great for employees passing through sensitive security systems or swiping their card through POS systems and other card readers. The Smart Card ID Holder fits two standard credit card-sized IDs in just one plastic compartment. The lanyard comes with a detachable buckle and adjustable clinch for tailored comfort. There is also a breakaway safety feature in case the lanyard becomes snagged.

Rigid Open-Faced 2 Card Holder
The Open-Faced Rigid Card Holder is another great product for ensuring that your essential credentials are with you at all times. This badge holder accommodates two IDs (one on each side), the front of each card being visible when you flip it over. One side of this card holder features an open face so your ID can be readily displayed. The rigid plastic will increase the lifespan of your cards by preventing them from bending or snapping. Even though this card holder keeps your cards secure, it allows you to remove your cards with only a swipe. You can also keep your ID in your pocket or attached to one of our many styles of lanyards for a vertical or horizontal display. Any of the four color options will give your  ID badge a professional look and a competitive edge that's appealing to businesses and employees alike.

Rigid Open-Faced 2 Card Holder (P/N AH-150)

With these great products, you will keep your business-like demeanor at an affordable price. Visit the Specilaist ID website to find more professional essentials.

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