The Benefits of Buying ID Holders in Bulk

The Benefits of Buying ID Holders in Bulk

Buying ID holders for a large organization is an important part of distributing identification material. As time goes on and more employees enter the company, the need for badges and badge holders to be readily available is always there.

Buying in large quantities ensures that there is enough back supply to keep the needs of the business met. You can easily replenish old and worn badge holders when an employee requests a new one.

Here are more benefits to buying in bulk!

For those who need to keep their ID protected and secure, a hard plastic case with a rugged nylon lanyard will be a perfect fit! It is also RFID (radio-frequency identification) protected, which blocks hackers from accessing the ID’s data. The case also opens and is able to hold two cards. While more simple badge holders are a cheaper alternative, they may wear down easier in active work environments.

Running around from place to place can really get your ID out of shape, so these will be a great investment. If bought in bulk, a discount is applied. The more ordered, the higher the discount and the lower the price per badge holder is. For this particular product, a discount of 24% is applied to order with over 500 units, and 30% for orders over 600 units.

Another benefit to buying in bulk is that you can get different types of holders at the same time. There are many types of badge holders available, including vinyl sleeves and velcro arm bands. For covid vaccination cards, 4x3 immunization card holders hold the official sized card provided by the CDC.

If proof of vaccination is necessary for your organization, adding this to your lanyard with other badges is very convenient. Having these handy will allow the wearer to display the card and keep it secure. These low cost holders are great to have in bulk as the vaccination rates are going up across the country. There is also up to a 34% discount for purchases over 1500 units.

If you want to offer your employees more options, a multi-pocket wallet is a great option that will also fit the standard covid vaccination card. This pouch hangs around your neck with the attached lanyard and stores, cash, cards, and other items like keys. The clear plastic side shows your ID or card at all times. Having different kinds of holders also can help identify visitors by giving them a different type for their badge.

Buying a variety of bulk badge holders offers variety to your workers. Some will prefer a simple and classic vinyl holder, while others will want one that can hold many IDs and other items. Having badge holders available for any instance allows for your workplace to be running efficiently without worry for not having proper identification.

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