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3 Ways To Customize Your Badge Lanyard For Your Conference

Customization is a great way to add some variety to your everyday style. Whether you want to freshen up your look or simply be more creative, adding a personal touch is sure to help you stand out in a crowd, especially at conferences where groups of people need to be able to identify which company they’re with. One great way to start? Customize your lanyard or ID badge with one of our many personalization options. 

Custom Printed Lanyards

The easiest way to customize your lanyard is through our custom printed lanyard designer. With our online tool, you can customize multiple lanyards, making it easier for you to create specific designs for your team or company, or give yourself some individual flair. Some customization options include:

  • Imprint and logo, including double-ended lanyards to prevent flipping
  • Material, including woven-in polyester, organic cotton, and bamboo fiber
  • Width, from 1/4th to 1”.
  • Breakaways to separate the lanyard when caught on furniture, which are an important safety aspect depending on your line of work
  • End-fittings include nickel-plated swivel hooks, split rings, and trigger snap hooks

By ordering custom lanyards, you ensure every product ordered is to you and your company’s liking. Specialist ID promises the highest quality products on the market. Plus, our customer service is always available to fix errors, answer questions, and assist with utilizing our online ordering platform.

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Adjustable Clips

If you have a lanyard that you already like, you can still customize the end-fitting depending on your needs. For example, you may prefer a Premium J Hook Spring Clip, which is great for face masks and keychains. If you need to hang a badge that doesn’t have a badge holder, a Bulldog Clip may work better, as the tightened grip can hold virtually anything. Finally, a Premium Metal Lobster Claw Clasp Hook will suit outdoor enthusiasts and maintain a tight grip despite harsh elements.

Swapping end-fittings is an easy process; lanyards tend to have openings on the end to provide space for attaching the small rings found on each clip. These customizable options can help you adapt your favorite lanyard to suit different situations. If you feel like being extra creative, try stacking multiple end-fittings side-by-side or overlapping. This tactic can look interesting while providing efficiency, as you can then equip multiple items, badges, and IDs.

Badge Reel Combinations

You can also take it a step further from changing the end-fitting by replacing your current hook or clip with a badge reel. Many badge reels, such as this Carabiner-Style Proreel, feature carabiner-style clips that can attach to your lanyard and extend the reach of your attached items. While the Carabiner-Style Proreel comes with a clip, additional options come with belt clips and key clips—you can also replace the end-fitting with any clip or hook that best serves your needs. Badge reels come in a variety of colors, most notably black, red, and blue, but you can customize the base further by attaching stickers or logos to either side.

Lanyards have more customization options than you would anticipate. With so many choices, it’s easy to design the lanyard of your choice through our online portal. Whether it’s a different end-fitting, color, or badge reel, we have everything you need to help you stand out in a crowd. If you need assistance with ordering multiple lanyards through our online tool or getting replacement parts, contact Specialist ID online and one of our experts will help.
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