Be Covered With These Essentials For Your Next Festival

Be Covered With These Essentials For Your Next Festival

Summer is finally here! It’s time to relax and enjoy all the things the season has to offer. With sunny skies and extra free time, this is the perfect opportunity to spend time with family and friends at different summer festivals, from food and art to music and more. With so many festivals this season, you'll never run out of things to do. 


To make the most of your summer festival experience, you must adequately prepare. With so much to engage in, you'll need a few essential tools to keep your important things organized, so instead of hunting down your VIP pass, you could be munching on a turkey leg. Here are some products from Specialist ID to help you stay organized at your next summer festival so you can spend more time exploring with your loved ones. 


A Bundle Pack for the Family

Our five-pack Cruisin Through Life retractable badge holders are an absolute summer festival necessity. This family pack of retractable badge holders makes it easy for you and your family to stay organized at any summer activity. The bundle includes five durable lanyards with retractable badge reels and five heavy-duty ziplock badge holders. Each badge holder can hold up to three cards—perfect for keeping track of your VIP pass, debit card, and ID for a completely hands-free experience. The badge holder is also see-through, so you can read and scan your badge for quick access to anything. Scanning is easy with a reliable retractable badge reel attached to each lanyard!


Style and comfort are key factors when planning your event, and that's why the lanyards in this pack are made with a soft, breathable fabric for all-day wear under the hot sun. These lanyards come in five colors: red, white, blue, navy, and black, making it simple if you need to color coordinate your event. 










Badge Holders of All Sizes

This oversized badge holder is one of our most popular products for the summer season—and for a good reason. This badge holder fits large tickets, IDs, and VIP passes. Have you ever printed off your own ticket for an event only to find that you have folded and crumbled it to fit in your pocket? Well, with our oversized badge holder, you can print off your ticket on a regular-sized sheet of paper and fit it into the badge holder without wrinkling it by overfolding it. Attach your oversized badge holder to a non-breakaway lanyard, so you don't worry about losing it. 









Stay Healthy and Be Mindful

The rise of Covid-19 forever changed festivals around the world. Safety and cleanliness are vital factors to consider when attending any festival. With so many people crammed into one place, germs are bound to spread, and nothing is worse than getting sick at your special event and not being able to enjoy it fully. Many venues expanded their safety practices to reduce the risk of exposure to Covid. Some places will encourage social distancing, and some areas will either require proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test. As such, it would be a good idea to keep your vaccination card in your oversized ID badge holder at all times to reduce risk of confusion or even refusal of entry. 


Whether you're dancing away at an international music festival or enjoying various treats at your local food festival, make sure you've got your essentials for the perfect day! Let Specialist ID set you up for success, and check out our website to get your summer festival essentials for a safe and fun summer vacation.

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