How Lanyards Can Help Organize Your Summer Events

How Lanyards Can Help Organize Your Summer Events

Whether you’re planning a family reunion, a summer youth program, or a nature retreat for the office team, lanyards add fun and efficiency to any outdoor activity. Elevating your lanyards to custom lanyards makes for great accessories for all campers and outdoor goers. They serve as excellent souvenirs for the memories made while camping and spending time with loved ones.

Lanyards may not be your first thought when planning a summer camp. Still, when considering marketing products, you’ll always get the most value from products that double as useful daily items, such as lanyards. Lanyards also serve as a functional product that your guests can use this Summer. 

At Specialist ID, we recognize the importance of adding extra ease to any outdoor events to enjoy the activities at hand fully, so we created a few quick ideas on how to use regular and custom lanyards while camping or during your summer festivities.

Include Multi-Use Attachments

The heavy-duty badge holder with a resealable top helps keep important items such as money or IDs that you may need within reach and ready to be taken out. Losing belongings when you are already outside of your natural element can be stressful, and with this lanyard attachment, you can prevent that. This heavy duty badge holder is especially helpful to everyone attending your outdoor activities since everyone has their own belongings to carry. Your entire group can benefit from this product.










Hold Camping Essentials

For most, camping can be a hassle, while for others, it can be a breeze. Go for the latter and pack some of our lanyards with waterproof holders! It counts to always be prepared. Fill those pouches with emergency items like band-aids, mosquito bite patches, or batteries for your radio or flashlight, or opt to fill your pouch with trail mix for a light snack while hiking.

Lanyards can also serve as emergency attachments in case you need a short length of rope or lining for tents. In the worst case, a lanyard with some cloth can also be used as an impromptu sling for injuries. These types of lanyards are a camper’s unexpected best friend, and you can utilize this the next time you and your friends or family go on a woodsy adventure!










Encourage Proper Hygiene

Hygiene is paramount, especially when outdoors and having children to care for. That’s why heavy-duty breakaway lanyards are essential. They can hold small hand sanitizer bottles at the end of the lanyards to make it easy for children to take along with them. Say bye-bye to dirty hands and nasty microbes when you have your hand sanitizers handy!

You can also attach a small pouch of wet wipes to your breakaway lanyard and still get the same effect. Clean hands and small messes have no place near you and your child when you’ve got your cleaning items nearby. Hygiene is no laughing matter, and it should be number one on your priorities. Our lanyards are guaranteed to make the job easier!





At Specialist ID, we offer an array of lanyards, from heavy-duty to ones with different attachments. We’re sure we have just the one you’re looking for, whether you’re doing a big seminar, organizing a group campout, or simply looking to surprise your team with new lanyards. We can help you choose the perfect lanyard for you and your situation at an affordable price. Head over to our website.

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