How Lanyards Keep Members of Any Organization Safe

How Lanyards Keep Members of Any Organization Safe

Lanyards are an office staple. They look professional and promote brand image. Lanyards also come in handy if you’re prone to lose track of essential work items—no need to worry about where your ID is if it's constantly hanging from your neck.  

Although lanyards are known for professionalism and organization in the workplace, they can also keep any organization safe. No matter the organization, education, medical, or corporate, it has become increasingly important to guarantee safety and security for all employees.

More organizations these days require their employees to wear their ID badges easily visible. One easy way to display your ID is to strap it to a lanyard. At Specialist ID, we also carry unique lanyards that ensure all members' safety. If you're still wondering how they keep organizations safe, we created a list of our favorite ways to use lanyards

Increase Security Measures

Lanyards keep schools, workplaces, and other organizations a safe place. You can't let just anyone roam around the vicinity of your organization. If members are required to wear lanyards, it is easy to identify people who are supposed to be there and who aren't. If your organization allows visitors, this visitor lanyard boldly displays the guest's visitation status and ensures other members' comfortability. 






At Specialist ID, we carry lanyards of all colors. Color coordinating lanyards for your organization may be an excellent way to secure specific access points. For example, in a school environment, these color-coded lanyard hall passes make it easy to recognize if a student is where they should be. The set of safety breakaway lanyards includes six easily distinguishable passes: Library, Hall, Boys Restroom, Girls Restroom, Nurse, and Office.





Be Seen in the Dark

Some organizations add a bit of danger in nature, and you may need a special lanyard that offers even more protection in these cases. Our reflective "safety first" lanyard is perfect for those needing extra visibility at night. Reflective lanyards will allow members of any nighttime organization to feel comfortable that they will be noticed from a distance at night to reduce any risk of injury and accident. Campers, nighttime festival-goers, or anyone working the late-night shift would benefit from a light reflective lanyard.






Don't Get Caught Up

Construction and machinery workers may want to consider adjustable breakaway lanyards. Wearing a long lanyard may increase the risk of fabric or an ID badge getting caught in or under heavy machinery. Breakaway lanyards simply snap apart under stress and then snap back together afterward, allowing safety to be of the utmost importance.





Protection from Covid

After COVID-19, face masks became an everyday product for all of us. However, frequently setting your mask down when not in use allows for germs to spread despite the safety precautions masks provide. One way to keep your members safe is with a face mask lanyard. First, this face mask lanyard offers extra protection against COVID-19 by fighting off germs with an antimicrobial strap. Antimicrobial straps repel germs before they even reach your face. This lanyard, made with a breathable fabric, rests gently on your neck for all-day wear. With the addition of adjustable lanyard straps, you can adjust it however you want so your mask fits you just right. We provide a secure grip for your mask with lanyard bulldog clips on each end so it won't fall on any surface with germs. 







Whether you're a teacher, doctor, traffic guard, or concert attendee, the use of lanyards will help you stay prepared and safe. Visit the Specialist ID website to take a look at more affordable lanyards

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