How The Retractable Pen Holder Can Benefit Administrators

How The Retractable Pen Holder Can Benefit Administrators

Admins take on a lot of responsibility in any company they work for. They organize all the moving pieces for not only the company but also the individuals in management. Administrative professionals can often act as a personal assistant to many executives, which makes this position essential in the workplace. It is vital to first ensure the administrator is organized before taking on the responsibility of maintaining order in everything else. 

Convenience Is Everything

Admins have an array of responsibilities, many of which require the convenience of a pen at hand. They are responsible for note-taking during meetings, receiving phone numbers and emails from clients over the phone, signing documents, and much more. Although we work in a technologically advanced era, writing down information by hand makes memorization much easier, which is vital for admins who need to provide answers quickly. Executives tend to deliver an abundance of new information in passing, giving the admin little time to remember solely off of their memory. Therefore, having a pen and paper at hand is more efficient. An easily accessible pen is one thing, but to have one right at the that’s a game-changer! 

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Never Lose a Pen Again

The Retractable Pen Holder offers the convenience of having a pen attached to the body. This item will stay on throughout the day until it has been manually removed. It can be clipped to a belt loop, shirt, or even a work bag if it is an object kept close during the workday. 

Traditionally, a pen is hooked onto a shirt pocket, the neckline, or even the pant’s pocket. The issue with this is that the pen falls out from very little movement and can be lost. The retractable pen holder diminishes this annoyance.  This product will dangle from the reeled cable if it has been dropped and can be quickly retrieved. Therefore, there is no need to rummage through the office to find the right pen when in a time crunch. An executive may need a pen urgently and it is important to have one close to reduce the burden of looking for one themselves. In another case, there may be a pile of invoices delivered to an executive to sign, yet a pen is nowhere in sight. As the admin, it is essential to offer assistance as it is part of the job to keep everything organized. By using the retractable pen holder, the pen of choice is close and quick to use.

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Say Goodbye To Ink Stains

Administrators struggle with finding unexpected ink in many different places. Hooking stand-alone pens to clothing wastes money. Work attire is not cheap and sadly ink stains have become a regular occurrence for administrators. Waste no more, the retractable pen holder will keep clothing looking good as new. The traditional way of securing a pen to clothing allows for the cap to become loose and slide down clothing due to its upright position. The retractable pen holder holds the bottom end of the pen in the holder and the cap itself hangs low. As long as the cap is placed tightly, there is no worry about sudden ink stains.

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