Top Lanyards for Sporting Events This Year

Top Lanyards for Sporting Events This Year

Whether you’re an athlete or a sports fan, you need a place to hold your belongings during the big game. Worrying about where you put your phone or ID is not fun when trying to root for your favorite team. To eliminate all of this stress, try carrying your things in a lanyard! 

Lanyards are used not just for workers to show off their credentials but also for recreational purposes. Many of our lanyard options at SpecialistID are great for sporting events because they are made of high-quality, heavy-duty materials. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the stands at a football game or in action on the ski slopes: there is a perfect lanyard match for every sports enthusiast.

Here are our top lanyards for sporting events this year. 

Heavy Duty Ski Pass Holder: For Winter Sports 

Our Heavy Duty Ski Pass Holder is perfect for skiers and snowboarders. This ID lanyard includes a heavy-duty lobster claw hook and swivel “J” hook, which can attach to lanyards, ski jackets, belts, and bags without budging. A retractable nylon cord makes it easy to retrieve your belongings quickly while out on the slopes. It is also sturdy enough to withstand high-speed movements without losing grip on your most essential items. 

You can use our Heavy Duty Ski Pass Holder to hold your ski passes out on the slopes. You can also attach your resort keys and other credentials whenever you need them. Pairing it with one of our Heavy Duty Lanyards will allow you to wear your belongings safely and comfortably around your neck. 




Waterproof Cases: For Water Sports 

The last thing you want to do at any water sporting event is get your belongings wet. Luckily, we offer Waterproof Cases to attach to our nylon breakaway lanyards. The Witz Keep It Clear cases are larger than our typical badge holders. These are meant to hold everything from credit cards to IDs, cash, cell phones, small cameras, and other small items. In addition, its translucent shell (offered in both clear and blue) can help you keep track of what’s inside with ease. 

One of the best features of our waterproof cases is their crush-resistant shells. So no matter the sports event or body of water, you won’t have to worry about damaging your belongings. The angled design provides enough space for your wallet, keys, and phone to all sit. In addition, the breakaway lanyard can be snapped together or apart for quick adjustments. 




Oversized Badge Holder: For All Sporting Events 

If you’re looking for a simple lanyard design to hold your badges and sports events tickets, we recommend our Oversized Badge Holder. These holders are designed to fit a variety of major sporting event credentials, including NASCAR, INDY Car, NFL Super Bowl, All-Star Game, World Cup, and most Playoff Tickets. It can also hold your print-at-home tickets when folded. 

The oversized badge holder can attach to any single hook or double clip lanyard options along with any badge buddies. It is made of vinyl, both flexible and durable for every exciting movement. Its thin and small dimensions make it a comfortable and less-distracting choice to wear during any sporting event. 


Are you looking for a safe and simple way to store your belongings during the next big game? Then, check out our products, and we can help you pick the right lanyard for you. 

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