Top Products To Use When Printing ID Badges For A Corporate Business

Top Products To Use When Printing ID Badges For A Corporate Business

Many corporate businesses use photo ID badges for identification, safety, and professional appearances, but if you walk into any corporate office today, it is unlikely that you would see a host of unnamed employees without their photo IDs hanging from their lanyards. It’s time for this to change. 

Now that you’ve decided to step up your company's safety regulations and appearance, here are the top products needed to print ID badges for your business. 

ID Printer

Having your own ID printer makes it easier and more cost-efficient to make your ID badges. It will always be on hand in case of emergencies, and it is convenient for anyone to use. 

Printer Ribbons

In order to achieve that perfect, shiny-bright color for your ID badges, you will need printer ribbons. Here at Specialist ID, we have over 200 printer ribbons to choose from. We give you a plethora of categories to filter your printer ribbons options, including by ribbon type, brand, printer compatibility, and ribbon category. Our most popular ribbon is the Evolis R3011 Full Color YMCKO, compatible with the Pebble and the Dulays printers. This printer ribbon yields 200 prints and helps keep the risk of printer damage down. 







Blank Cards

To no one’s surprise, you will also be needing blank cards! We are able to source a large variety of blank cards ranging in size, color, and quantity. With such a large variety, you have the option to creatively design your very own ID badge in fun and exciting ways, from unique colors to adding glitter and sparkles. The possibilities are endless. 


Don’t want to stand out? We also carry standard blank ID cards to promote uniformity and consistency within your company. We even have blank cards with magnetic stripes to ensure your employee’s safety. 




Slot Punches

Slot punches create small holes in your ID badge so you can attach it to badge reels, lanyards, etc. This makes it easy to be prepared and guarantees that your ID is always on hand for immediate use. It also ensures that employees won’t be able to lose it or fumble around trying to find it in time. The simple Hand-Held Slot Punch With Adjustable Guide (3943-1010) will do the trick for standard, minimal use. However, if you are creating ID badges for larger crowds or companies, our Heavy-Duty Electronic Slot Punch With Adjustable Guides may be a better option. If you'd like to save some time, consider putting ID cards into badge holders for efficiency and an overall clean look. 










Photo ID Backdrops

To keep your badges looking clean and professional, use our Photo ID Backdrops. With multiple colors to choose from, you can select one uniform color to keep everything looking nice and tidy.










Cleaning Kits

Cleaning kits help keep your printer working at its full capacity. Printers can be finicky enough, so be sure you routinely clean yours. For the cleaning on card printer cleaning rollers, check out our Evolis A5004 DustClean Cleaning Kit.










Dust and debris can enter your printer each time you print off a card, leaving your printer with potential damage. This can impact your new ID badges, causing the image to be of low quality. With regular cleaning, your ID Badges will always be shiny and of top quality. Some printers even need special cleaning products. Check out our website to find which of our kits fits your printer. 

Making ID badges for your staff? Check out our corporate collection for some helpful products!
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