game-ready ID solutions during football season

Sports-Themed ID Solutions for Football Season

With the frenzy of game days, tailgates, and euphoric crowd roars, football aficionados, from VIPs to casual viewers, are gearing up for an enthralling season. While the energy is palpable, one can't deny the importance of staying organized during these spirited gatherings. 

Game-Ready ID Solutions

Our ID solutions are not just about showing off your team spirit but also about the security, convenience, and protection of your essential items. Whether you're at the stadium to support your favorite team or working behind the scenes, the following products promise to elevate your football experience.

Custom Lanyards

Showcase your team allegiance or personal style with custom lanyards for your tailgate crew! The online lanyards designer tool makes it incredibly easy. Just upload your preferred graphics, type in the custom text, and get a real-time preview of how your lanyard will look. Once you're satisfied with the design, you're just a click away from placing an order.

You can add graphics, choose your team colors, and even customize the kind of lanyard and attachments you want! Whether you want to represent your team's emblem, a favorite player, or even an inside joke that only your tailgate crew gets, the possibilities are endless.

Ticket Badge Holder

Need to keep your tickets safe? This extra-large ticket holder is a must-have. Boasting dimensions of 4 1/8" in width and 8 1/8" in height (internal) and 4 1/2" in width and 9 1/8" in height (external), this badge holder ensures a snug fit for most playoff tickets. What’s more, the card slips in conveniently from the top and comes with 3 Euro holes for easy attachment.

The ticket badge holder, with its thoughtfully crafted dimensions and user-centric design, ensures that you enjoy the game with one less thing to worry about. After all, your focus should be on the field, the players, and the shared camaraderie of fellow fans.

Waterproof Badge Holder

Football matches are more than just the game; they're an experience. As fans gather at stadiums, unpredictability becomes the norm, from sudden downpours to ecstatic fans spilling their drinks in celebration. Come rain, splashes, or accidental spills, this waterproof badge holder ensures your IDs and essentials remain dry and intact. 

With internal dimensions of 7/16" thick, 2 3/16" across, and 3 7/16" high, this holder is spacious enough to securely store up to 9 ID cards, cash, credit cards, and even that cherished season pass. Such capacity ensures that whether you're a season ticket holder, media personnel, or just there for a one-off game, all your essentials are in one place.

Football stadiums are bustling arenas, and amidst the excitement, a flimsy holder just won’t do. Crafted with an external build of 7/8" thick, 3 1/4" across, and 4 1/4" high, this badge holder boasts a crush-resistant shell. Whether it's the rush to get to your seat or the crowded concourses at halftime, your essentials are protected from any accidental damage.

Regardless of who you are in a stadium this football season, there are many badge options available that are perfect for your game-day needs. Stadiums get rowdy, and games can go on for a while—hello overtime—so wear a badge holder that secures your most important documents from being lost, stolen, or impacted by the elements. These badge options are perfect for your needs and are durable, safe, and secure options this football season and next!

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