The Top 3 Items You Need To Keep Organized

The Top 3 Items You Need To Keep Organized

As teachers or medical professionals, we know that having great organizational tools makes it easier to collaborate with others and helps increase productivity and efficiency.

With students and patients entrusted in your care already being a job in itself, keeping the work environment neat and orderly shouldn’t be hard work. A big part of that is thinking about ways to improve the efficiency and organization in your workspaces by not just thinking about systems but individual tasks.

That’s where we come in. We’ve outlined the top three items you and your colleagues need to be successful in the workplace. 

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Professionals on the go can highly benefit from retractable badge holders. With these badge holders, employees don’t have to worry about finding a spot to store their badge while on the move. Badge holders increase the speed it takes to access an ID badge, keys, or swipe a card. Many healthcare and education professionals have seen marked workflow increase when they wear a form of photo identification using a badge reel. We invite you to see how it helps your organization, workflow, and productivity.




One of the most overlooked workplace organizational products is lanyards. Although this item may not seem of much importance, it is a versatile tool that helps foster organizational growth by keeping your staff’s badges literally close to their hearts. Adding accessories such as badge holders, strap clips, or badge reels will offer a variety of options while being efficient, organized, and even showing your workplace spirit. Our lanyards allow you to choose clip type (breakaway vs. non-breakaway), width, material type, cord type, and much more!



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Lastly, a badge buddy will help you organize and help categorize the different types of members in your team. Badge buddies allow for quick and easy identification of essential healthcare and educational team members. Adding a colored badge buddy role card behind your existing photo ID will ensure easy recognition to both staff members and patients. The color-coded badges make identification easy, even from a distance.

We carry a massive selection of the most popular badge buddies and offer custom printing for those harder to find or unique titles. You will find there is no shortage in your ability to personalize your badge buddy, as there are dozens of different types of colors, including solid colors and even a bright rainbow pattern.

Now that we’ve provided you with a shortlist of items to keep your staff organized, you and your team can move forward with confidence that you have the right tools to make your important roles less complex. Sometimes all you need is a list of resources to take your organizational skills to the next level.

Let Specialist ID be there for your workplace needs and watch as productivity soars and your environment prospers.

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