Discover top visitor management products for MLK day

3 Visitor Management Products You Need this MLK day

"Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education." – Martin Luther King Jr.

Following the wise words of activist Martin Luther King Jr., it is vital to ensure your company stays up-to-date with intelligent products that facilitate the spread of knowledge. Hosting visitor events is one of the best ways to pass along valuable information to your guests. Educating these visitors will promote your company’s proficiency in your industry and work to build your business’ notoriety among colleagues and ulterior domains. Luckily, Specialist ID is here to help you and your company to remain at the top of your class with the latest products in visitor management—check out these three products.

Reusable Cardbacker - Badge Holder, Box of 500 (P/N 08177)

Reusable Cardbacker

This product works to elevate your existing visitor management products by delivering a standard-sized badge designed to work with any adhesive visitor badges. The reusable card backer presents your visitors with a quality and sturdy badge for a greater professional feel. In addition, its standard punch slot situated at the top of this product can easily attach to any standard badge holder products they or you provide. A single purchase will supply you with enough reusable badges to facilitate the visitation of up to 500 guests at once.

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Thermal-printable Adhesive Badge With Expiring Timespot Indicator, Box of 1,000 (P/N T4103)

Thermal Printable Adhesive Badge

The thermal-printable adhesive badge comes with an expiring time spot indicator that allows you to accurately manage your guests when it comes to their role as a visitor and the allotted time frame of their visit. The thermal printed technology will enable you to distinguish your visitors by name, title, and date to ensure the greatest security and maintenance. With a circular pre-printed expiring area, this product is compatible with all expiring time spot sticker products of the same size.

Preprinted Self-Expiring Badge Backpart, Box of 1,000 (P/N T59XX)

Preprinted Self expiring badge backpart

These pre-printed and self-expiring visitor badges are perfect for facilitating events where you will be hosting a variety of guests, most notably under companies that participate in the construction industry. Coming with four separate and distinctive titles: contractor, temporary, vendor, and visitor, these badges allow you to easily keep track of your visitors amid the chaos of events. Like the two previous products, this badge also features self-expiring technology that lets you manage your guests within a set time frame.

As we remember the strength, love, and power of MLK on this momentous day, it remains crucial that we follow his messages of education and peace while we strive to unify coworkers and colleagues with shared knowledge.

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