5 Ways To Create Intriguing Visitor Badges

5 Ways To Create Intriguing Visitor Badges

Health and safety precautions are essential post-pandemic, and visitor badges help organizations keep track of people while they are on campus. This unique identification can help companies ensure safety protocols are met and that staff, visitors, and customers are provided for. And visitor badges can also be fun! With the addition of colors, designs, pictures, and special features, visitor badges can be engaging, interesting, and fun to use.

Here are five ways to improve your visitor badge game (and which products to choose). 

Get the Basics Down

First things first: every visitor badge should include some basic information. Make sure your badges feature your company name and/or logo in a prominent location, the visitor’s information, and other essential details that could improve the visitor’s experience. For example, if your visitor will be working from your office space or location, consider adding the WiFi password to the badge so that they can easily log onto the network. If your company uses a QR code for organizational processes, print this on the visitor badge. You’ll also want to make sure that you have essential personal details — like the visitor’s name, phone number, and check-in time — on the badge or available for reference. 

Add Fun Colors 

If you want to spice up your visitor badges, consider adding a pop of color. Using colored badge holders is a great way to create fun and intriguing badges for your visitors. These Thermal-Printable Non-expiring Printable Adhesive Badges are a great and simple way to add a little bit of color to your visitor badges. You can also use color badges to promote brand identity and inclusivity or distinguish different types of visitors. For example, our Preprinted Self-Expiring Badge Backpart include colored-coded badges for different kinds of visitors, from contractors to temporary visitors. 






Self-Expiring Visitor Badge 

Creating a space that is both welcoming and safe for both visitors and employees is a top priority. Self-expiring badges are a great tool to implement extra security precautions. The Thermal Printable ONEstep Quick Tab TimeBadge is extremely simple to use. Simply fill out the visitor’s information and fold the tab that sticks out from the bottom back to activate. The badge is valid for 14 to 16 hours. After the guest has had a full day of exploration, the badge displays in red, “VOID.” This makes it easy to identify unauthorized personnel. 


Offer Fun Lanyards 

Offer lanyards with fun colors to stand out and make it easier for the visitor to have easy access to his or her badge. Lanyards keep the badges secure and always in sight, so it is easy to recognize the visitor. It also means that the visitor will feel at ease knowing that they don’t have to keep an eye out for their badges at all times and will better enjoy their experience. At Specialist ID, we have a large quantity of lanyards to choose from and attachable badge buddies. If you want to stick with a color theme, the standard non-breakaway lanyard with a metal swivel hook has 12 different colors to choose from, so you’ll be able to find that perfect shade for your company. You can also create a custom lanyard and badge reel printed with your company’s logo to make it more interesting. 








If possible, have the staff take pictures of the visitors and print them onto their badges. Pictures help identify the wearer and make it easy to confirm the wearer’s identity. This is also a great way to identify those who may be repeat visitors. Other than adding extra security measures, pictures also promote inclusivity. This makes the guest feel important and welcomed. Pictures make the memory last longer for the guests and could even make a fun souvenir! 

Looking to make your visitor badges a bit more interesting? Check out our whole line of lanyards and visitor management products to find the right fit for your company.

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