Top 3 Gifts for Your Baristas

Sometimes the first person you greet in the morning may not be your family or even friends, but the barista at your local cafe. Baristas are an essential part of many people’s day. Customers often don’t realize how difficult it is to play the role of someone who is constantly under stress while still having to put a smile on and think of others before themselves. 

Whether you’re a regular customer, another barista, or the store manager, we hope that this guide helps you choose from our list of gifts that hard-working baristas will cherish. 

A retractable badge reel pen holder is number one on our guide. Some baristas don’t have the privilege of having labels for custom orders printed out and need to write on cups the old-fashioned way. Having a marker on them at all times is crucial because it helps the business move quicker and makes the experience for the customer more satisfying. Sometimes, customers will have personal requests and want customized messages written on their cups. Being prepared with a marker that is easy to reach will aid in meeting customers’ special requests. In short, this product will be of great benefit to both the barista and the customer.

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In areas where mask-wearing is still in effect, face mask lanyards are beneficial to keep masks easily on hand to facilitate wearing them. Mask lanyards also help maintain the mask's integrity while giving easy access to remove or keep the mask on. This would be a valuable item to include as one of the items inside a “thank you” gift box for all local baristas, and it would let them know you care about their effort and notice their good deeds. When masks need to be on and off, a mask lanyard will speed up the process of searching for and storing the mask and ensure that the barista is not late reporting to the cafe floor.

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Our heavy-duty key reels are great personalized gifts and are effective for personal and work purposes. Retractable keychains are designed not only to keep keys safe but also to benefit innovation and versatility. They keep keys safe, ensure they are hardly ever misplaced, and offer many features and uses. It's always easier to spot a retractable keychain than a single key, and they are also more accessible and more comfortable to hold. Baristas can hold their car keys and securely attach them to a work bag or to their belts to ensure a problem-free work exit. 


In this Specialist ID gift guide, we’ve shared a few versatile gifts for their work life and when baristas are off the clock. You can give individually to the team or bundle all three products together to provide a special occasion. Recognizing baristas in small ways will boost their work ethic and make their time worthwhile. Head over to our website for more gift ideas.
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