4 Ways to Elevate Your Badge Reel

4 Ways to Elevate Your Badge Reel

In many professions, people go day in and day out without a thought to the appearance or style of their badge reel. Badge reels are extremely common in certain occupations and are an essential part of everyday work attire. It can be easy to overlook something so small and simple, but they carry a lot of importance.

Not only do badge reels communicate obvious things like your name or the position at your company, but they are also often your first impression when meeting someone in your work environment. That’s why people should be more thoughtful about their badge reel and consider what type of impression they’re giving people. 

Here are four simple and easy ways you can elevate your badge reel. 

Customize Your Colors 

Neon Badge Reel

Many people come into work day in, day out with the same uniform or pair of scrubs. They don’t have a lot of opportunities to personalize their work clothes in order to show more of their personality. That’s where badge reels come in! 

Many varieties of our badge reels come in a variety of colors, so you can select the one that reflects your personality best. Whether it’s standard black, white, or navy, or a little more on the adventurous side—neon pink, anyone?—Specialist ID’s color options will certainly make your ID badge stand out in a crowd. 

Want to stay subtle? We’ve got options for you. Want to show off a different color of the rainbow every day of your workweek? We’ve got that too! Elevating your ID has never been easier. 

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Show Some Love with Heart-Shaped Badge Reels 

Heart Shaped Badge Reel

Heart-themed apparel and accessories aren’t just for Valentine’s Day! A heart badge reel is an easy way to demonstrate an immediate sense of warmth and care, especially when you’re in a medical profession. Bedside manner is an essential part of the job, and a heart-shaped reel can communicate your love in a subtle, non-verbal way. 

Stay even more on the theme as a nurse or doctor with our Heart-Shaped EKG Badge Reel. Available in translucent red or white, this badge reel adds an extra dimension to your outfit and is great for hospital staff.

Show Your Support with Cause-Related Badge Reels 

Heart Shaped Ribbon "Awareness" Badge Reel

Looking to show your support for a specific cause? Our Heart Shaped Ribbon Awareness Badge Reel brings awareness to a good cause while staying stylish. This is an especially great badge to wear in October for Breast Cancer Awareness month. 

You can also show your support for those with autism with our Autism Awareness Badge Reel. This badge has a puzzle pattern to reflect the complexity of the autism spectrum. Each color represents the diversity of people and families who live with these conditions. This badge is a great conversation starter and an easy way to increase awareness. 

Show Off Your Patriotic Side 

USA Patriotic Flag B-Reel

Looking to celebrate the USA all year long? Whether or not it’s the Fourth of July, our USA Patriotic Flag B-reels are a great addition to any work uniform. Our more patriotic badge reel also comes in a heart-themed option. These badges are great for Independence Day Weekend, any election season, or year-round. 

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These are just some of the easy ways to elevate your badge reel style with Specialist ID products. Go to our website to find even more stylish, functional options for you and your team. 
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