How To Enhance Your Branding With Custom Volunteer Lanyard And Badge Set

How To Enhance Your Branding With Custom Volunteer Lanyard And Badge Set

When it comes to branding, setting yourself apart from the competition is key. One way to achieve this is to have all your employees wearing matching uniforms or ID card holders. This builds a sense of community within your team that can help get everyone on board. Having a recognizable and easily identifiable appearance is a great way to achieve this.

You can enhance your branding by using custom lanyards for your organization. With a volunteer lanyard and badge set, you are ready to go when it comes to volunteers and volunteering events. If your organization takes volunteers, having these around will help differentiate them from the regular employees. For people seeing these badges, they will quickly be able to see that volunteers are working. 

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There’s plenty of white space on the badge itself that is able to be written on. You can use a dry erase marker and it will wipe off so you can reuse for different events. If you want each person to have a dedicated lanyard, use a permanent marker to write each volunteer’s name and role. If you have a label maker, print out names and stick them on the badge for a quick fix. Even without any addition to the badge, “VOLUNTEER” is boldly printed on the badge and lanyard for easy identification.

If your own team will be the ones volunteering, get a set of volunteer lanyards for your team! Whether you are putting together care packages or cleaning the city, having these lanyards will easily identify your purpose at any location. Distribute the badges to your team and be ready to go when you help your community. The lanyard has a breakaway clasp at the back so it breaks off if pulled on. This avoids pulling on your neck if the lanyard get stuck on anything and is a useful safety feature.

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For more designs, a custom printed lanyard can take your branding to another level. Choose the color, fabric, and style of lanyard your company needs with our custom printed lanyards option. Here, you can upload your logo and have it be printed on the fabric. You can get more specific with what kind of volunteers are available and print their roles on the lanyard as well. Attach badge holders to the lanyards and you’re all set for a day of volunteering!

Having easily identifiable volunteers improves your company’s branding and visitor management by having visitors be easily identifiable. Whether you are having volunteers visit and help out or your organization is going out into the community, these groups will be quick to spot. Having all the members of the volunteer group wearing the same credentials unifies them and shows their purpose for being there quickly. This branding shows to others that a group of volunteers is present and ready to work.

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