Top 5 Unique Gifts For Students Returning To Summer School

Top 5 Unique Gifts For Students Returning To Summer School

Summer school is now in session! The 2020-2021 school has been full of challenging moments for families dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a school year unlike any other, with remote learning and mask mandates to abide by. To give your student a nice gift to encourage them to study hard, we have some handy suggestions.

Chevron Pattern Lanyard

In many schools, an ID is required to be worn by all students and staff. This lanyard is a fun way to add some flair to daily routine! There are a few colors available that will surely complement your school colors. A breakaway feature is included, which allows the lanyard to come apart when pulled on. This prevents snagging and pulling on your neck if you get caught on anything. The metal key ring at the end allows you to attach your ID badge so you’re ready for what the school day brings!

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Kids Face Mask Lanyard

A face mask lanyard has clips at the end that attach to the ear loops of a face mask. This allows the wearer to remove the mask from their face while still having it on them. Having your mask on you is convenient so you don’t lose it and be left without a mask. This kids mask lanyard is smaller and made for a child’s frame for the perfect fit.

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Heart Shaped Badge Reel

For an alternative to a regular lanyard, turn to a badge reel! They have a slim profile and leave your hands with more freedom to move without getting tangled. The heart badge reel has a retractable nylon rope so the ID can be scanned or swiped for any need. The back has a clip that can be attached to a shirt or through belt loops. It’s rated for up to 100,000 pulls, so it’s built to last.

Clear Badge Holder

This translucent badge holder comes in many colors and keeps your ID card safe in several ways. First, the rigid plastic shell prevents cracks and chips from wearing away the card. The life of the card can last longer since it’s not at risk of breaking. There is also RFID blocking technology, which blocks unauthorized scanning of the card. When the card is needed, just swipe it halfway out of the case and it’s ready to be scanned! 

Luggage Tags

Luggage tags can be useful for a variety of reasons. Loop one through a backpack for an easy way to identify your bag. There is a window on the front that allows you to slide your information on a card and have it display your name and other details. Other great places to attach a tag are instrument cases, lunch boxes, and laptop bags. When kids lose things in a school full of students, it can be hard to tell which item belongs to them. If someone ends up getting a hold of their item, they can reach out to the contact on the tag to return the item.

Specialist ID can send your student back to school with everything they need to succeed! We carry great gifts for kids of any age to use everyday.

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