Ways Your Lanyard Could Improve

3 Ways Your Lanyard Could Improve

Your old lanyard could use some attention. Tasked with holding and organizing all of your most valuable forms of identification for you, it is no wonder that old lanyards can begin to show signs of wear. But this wear does not have to mean the end of your favorite lanyard. 

With these three methods, breathe new life into your lanyard and find renewed strength in its form.

Heavy Duty Vinyl Vertical Badge Holder with Resealable Top

Heavy Duty Vinyl Vertical Badge Holder with Resealable Top for lanyard

Investing in heavy-duty products is one of the best ways to improve your existing lanyard. This vertical badge holder is the perfect product to strengthen the durability of your lanyard. With a resealable top that is certifiably water-resistant, this vinyl ID badge holder will store multiple valuable ID badges safely, even protecting them against any harsh weather you face outdoors. This product can seamlessly attach to any type of lanyard clasp. These specifications all contribute to the durable build of your lanyard and can easily add years of life to your product!

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Witz See It Safe Waterproof ID Badge Holder

Witz See It Safe Waterproof ID Badge Holder for lanyard

This is one of the most adaptable and formidable badge holder products available. In addition to maintaining its waterproof state with an air-tight seal, it is see-through, so you never have to worry about losing sight of your valuables. With the included badge carabiner clip, this waterproof badge holder can attach to just about any other badge-related product. The waterproof badge holder is also designed to carry up to 10 ID badges, driver’s licenses, credit cards, room or car keys, and even cash.

Premium Oval Badge Reel with Carabiner and Belt Clip

Premium Oval Badge Reel with Carabiner and Belt Clip

Consider attaching a badge reel to your lanyard. This premium oval badge reel is equipped with a carabiner clip for easy attachment. Just clip the carabiner clasp onto the end of your lanyard and make use of the vinyl strap for an extra place to hold a badge. This product contributes to increased mobility and range of motion with its 34-inch cord length, and like other Specialist ID badge reels, this reel is rated for up to 100,000 pulls. This product comes in four different colors and is sure to fit any type of lanyard, elevating and improvising its performance.

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You have a tried and true lanyard for a reason, and all three of these products will help you improve it, allowing you to build off your existing products rather than start from scratch. Your old lanyard will thank you for its new and improved look.

Check out these three products and related items on the Specialist ID website!

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